• Marshall Nelson is a singer/song writer with incredible depth and range
  • Marshall gives pitch perfect renditions of Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, the Beatles, and more...
  • Whether plugged or unplugged, Marshall's performances are always electric

C. Marshall Nelson

Marshall has long been a fan favorite with his writing, singing, and playing his music both in bands and as a solo artist. In any venue, Marshall is a showstopper covering rock classics in his own trademark style...

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Powerful original songs

Marshall is a song writer in the classic rock mold. His lyrics evoke deep emotions and timeless imagery that has broad listener appeal. His music is the perfect vehicle to support every emotional nuance with power riffs puntuating and blending into the more lyrical moments...

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Outstanding Cover Artist

Name your classic rock favorites, then close your eyes and be amazed as Marshall nails the vocalist note for note. Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, all brought to life on stage before your incredulous ears! His vocals literally move like Jagger...

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I caught Marshall's set on a night out with friends. We don't know why this guy is not a star

David B. (15 hours ago)


More of Marshall's music with the band, Della Street, is available on SoundCloud! Click here to check it out!

Bradford. (4 hours ago)